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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 4, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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the way to whiten. bill: now on "chasing news". >> an off-duty nypd officer was killed in a hit and run accident on the new jersey turnpike. >> that one be the 1st case in which a police officer pulled a weapon on a civilian. >> i headed down to meet the crown prince of basketball, the harlem globetrotters. >> who do they think they are fooling? >> something stinks, and i will find out what. >> was last time you guys lost? >> in a lot of trouble. >> the tougher streets in
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turning youth and champions. >> it's a relationship we have. >> the story of an off-duty nypd officer. a hit-and-run accident on the new jersey turnpike. originally all we knew was that he was involved in an accident with the ford escape suv. his car was disabled on the right shoulder. made his way in traffic and in a dispute he was struck and killed by an infinity driven by linden man. now more details are being revealed, and if they are true they are pretty disturbing. harrison rear-ended disabling that vehicle.
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a woman and then traveled across the lane traffic, got into a verbal dispute, pulled out his service weapon pointed itat her and said something to the effect of you don't know who i am. i can kill you right now. he then reportedly stepped back to the right lane of the new jersey turnpike where the 3rd car try to pass through the two vehicles, struck him and killed him. the driver fled the scene and turned himself in the next morning. he has been charged with second-degree leaving the scene of a fatal accident and is being held on $100,000 bail. he pled not guilty now to shed light on this confusing scenario is far prosecutor bob bianchi. what is he doing with the service weapon drawn on a woman with her young son in the backseat? >> these are the allegations
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are intoxicants. it won't be the 1st case of her underage and it certainly won't be the 1st case of police officers and appropriately pulling the weapon on the civilian which is something that we are careful about because over aggressiveoveraggressive or temperamentally unfit police officers do not belong on the road. >> you hear the side of it from the woman's perspective and it seems very cut and dry that this was completely inappropriate. >> in my experience when you don't know the occupants motor vehicle stops of the number one way police officers are trained. movements could have caused the officer to believe he
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out. >> yes, traffic stops are extremely dangerous. and the timing is questionable. it does make you question if there was alcohol involved. bill: what happens here and how much weight is given to the woman statement? >> i think this woman's story will be accepted as relatively accurate. bill: thanks. appreciate it. bill: "high speed chase",. >> take a look at these photos of a training exercise that new york correction department participated. i don't know if they actually have a name. >> it is a good thing new york city did not budget for oculus prime.
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designed. the project has taken nearly 15 years to complete and is destined to be the center of tourist photographs for decades to come. >> it's really called. >> i headed down to meet the crown princes of basketball. >> who do they think they are fooling? the special investigation. something stinks, and i am
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>> no. >> when is the last time you lost? >> that is the big one. former north carolina tar heel god blesses sweet soul who played years of football in europe and carolyn -- current harlem globetrotter. >> only thing wrong with that shot, it didn't go in. >> rip it half-court status. sure enough orlando nailed one from half-court, the same shot. >> it's fair enough. >> coming after you all. >> no, they like.
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wins? >> you lost so many. >> 20,000. >> and no investigation? the same team every night. what leagues of the globetrotters belong to, and what is with the referee? people are laughing, other way. throwing buckets of water. >> the reason why was we were beating people by more than 30 points every night. normally when you see that people leave. >> true enough. one thing seems certain, i good night out for all audiences for better than something like 90 years. the harlem globetrotters, ladies and gentlemen, you have it exposed.
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>> look at that. >> here on some of the toughest streets one man is turning the city's youth in the champions. opening up jersey city heavy hitters. now, i went to train with him and find out how he is inspiring the next generation. >> being a coach is a powerful thing because you interact with so many different lives. sparring in training and they come over and talk. it is a relationship with we have -- that we have. >> it is funny because i am the smallest in my class. >> people from all walks of life, prose, students,
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they get into trouble. >> incarcerated for a weapons charge, and i came home four years ago. i had five years. i came here to half years ago and said this would be my way out. >> this is a tough neighborhood, and he says he goes after the youth that have been in trouble in the struggling to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, but this is personal to him. >> i turned pro but went away for seven years. when i came home, i want to put back into those who want to do and to keep them from the avenues where i fell. >> a grassroots effort. he paid for everything out of his own pocket. asking for $50 a month from those who can pay, but no one is turned away. he will train you no matter
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bill: how did he make enough money to start this? >> he has a food truck on the side during the day. and one more thing because i asked if jersey city was doing anything to help and he said in this area there is no recreation for kids and everyone he has gone to so there is too much red tape. he pays for the travel for them to go to philadelphia and new york. >> hard to get out of it. great that they have a place to turn to that is something productive and exciting. >> shopping, award women love and men hate to hear. now there is a hilarious account dedicated to miserable men they get dragon to the mall to stores by their significant other
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comes with advice. if she asks if she looks good, tell her she looks great. i am sure we relate to it. >> bill, the only bright light. spent time rubbing elbows with fan. played a little bit of one-on-one with folks and get absolutely eaten for lunch by an 11 -year-old. bill: he should have punched him. >> highflying tom bryan.
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bill: three, two, hank, we got a homegrown jersey evil knievel. what do you got? >> police chief tom bryan,
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>> upside down, missed my landing ramp and ended up with broken ribs and a crack chamber. you know, but i never missed a day at work. never did. [laughter] i hobbled in here. >> i'm here, boss. [laughter] >> back when he was a detective and long before he was a police chief he used to get his yard has out but get on the weekends by rocking red white and blue leathers and jumping over semi trucks, cars, monster trucks. >> to go out there and do something at that time that not too many people were doing, but obviously this has evolved. kids doing back flips. >> again you have got to be on top of begin sometimes you have got to roll the dice and tom willingly did so, but not gladly because consequences to to be extreme. >> when i face planted the
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nose. stitches in my eyelids, a torn rotator cuff, broken foot, ankle. broken collarbone. >> i will give it a shot. >> is not done this for years. he has kept the memorabilia. >> first of all, they weigh like 35 pounds. >> but it is like finding out that your uncle used to be a well-known pro wrestler. the edison chief used to be not evil knievel, but sort of like evil knievel. bill: can you pull them out of retirement?
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choice. >> i can't even move. >> can been my legs. >> stop by. constantine was in studio. you know them from american idol. rock of ages. >> the success of the show. >> up-and-down the jersey shore.
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site. >> he wouldyou would never know you are driving on a superfund site. >> chief of the nation, he was my tour guide showing me around the area. >> they found. >> it does not present an immediate risk.
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gallons of paint we came across a makeshift memorial that it passed away. how they should speed the process of her make it more efficient. so is the system working? >> they are high levels of dioxin in the ground level. bill: not in the drinking
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answer questions. first and foremost he tackled the just, means, and vines. that resulted from his face on tuesday night. >> anything that could be negative. so i was not being held hostage. zero, my god, what have i done. >> talk about more substantive issues like the fact the four members of his party of said if he continues to spend significant amounts of time out of state campaigning he should resign. christie says that will not happen. >> i will be home. next tuesday, michigan, mississippi. >> on top of that he ignored
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that have called for his resignation. they never liked him anyway, and it is all about trying to sell more papers. i asked him if there is a difference in characterization and he said that is not the case. >> these are friends. and so i do not think that that is it at all. situations where you guys ask questions. that is it. bill: the republicans coming after him, he kind of dismissed them like don't worry about it. >> resign. >> exactly. >> as your friend, you should resign. >> i'm out. >> typical front running. he said trump was the only person that could beat hillary. >> he qualified that today
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before we get the party started we have to give a toast to our friends oen the west coast. up up y'all. >> hey. >> and then the beautiful ph adra parks filling for for porsha. you now, heidi i heard that you have a story that's going to make woman happy. >> well, a lot of woman and men do and the tv show baywatch is making the way to the big screen and it's going to be rated r. it's going to be a little bit different than the tv show. >> yeah the tv show should have been rated r.


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